Subnautica is a survival game where the character you’re playing is stranded on an alien planet named 4546B. You gather resources and craft them into items that eventually turn into vehicles and stronger weapons that make your progress a lot faster. Although Subnautica may be scary at times with its realistic sounds and alien beasts deep under the ocean, it is fascinating to explore a huge world by yourself.

Unfortunately though there is no multiplayer or co-op availability for Subnautica at the moment. During the early development of the title, multiplayer was something that Unknown Worlds Entertainment which is the company behind the game wanted to feature. However, according to Chris Cleveland, the director of Subnautica stated “Adding multiplayer support to Subnautica is something we would love to do. In fact, the game was originally conceived of as a co-op experience. However, as we started to develop the game, we skipped multiplayer to be able to release the game faster.” and thus, it never happened.

The company stated on the same blog post that multiplayer isn’t in the works right now. Considering that Subnautica: Below Zero is in Steam Early Access now, multiplayer is not going to be around for a while. In the meantime, you can check out the latest DLC of the game Below Zero.

Stay tuned as we will update this article when there are developments on Subnautica Multiplayer.

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