Imagine being trapped in an alien planet where there is no land but a vast ocean with alien life in it. This sounds scary to most but if you’re already familiar with survival games, you might just be fascinated by this. If this is something that gets your attention, Subnautica is the right fit for you.

Being the open-world survival game it is, a lot of exploration needs to be done in order to collect more resources that lead to an easier life on the planet. Subnautica surely comes with lots of vehicles, items, different types of resources but one of the most important thing that is missing is a map to guide you where you are. There is only one way to track down where you’re at is by looking at the coordinates. Since an in-game map is not featured in both Subnautica and Subnautica: Below Zero, you can visit to see the map for yourself.

What’s good with this map is that you can actually type in your coordinates and see what biomes, wrecks, alien bases, geysers, anything found in the game is nearby. We highly recommend using the map once you progress enough and get closer towards to ending of Subnautica. You can check out the map from the link below.

Subnautica World Map

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