Just like most other games that are under the Steam Early Access period, there are many things that need to be tested. The biggest example of this on Steam is undoubtedly PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds but since the title has a huge following, it isn’t all that hard to find players that are willing spot the bugs that they encounter. That’s why Subnautica needs your help to play on the Experimental Server to help in the development process in the game.

How to Enable Experimental on Steam

  1. First off go to your Steam library and find Subnautica: Below Zero
  2. Right-click the game and select Properties
  3. Switch to the ”Betas”
  4. Click on the box that says ”NONE, Opt-out of all beta programs” and select ”Experimental – Automatic daily updates. Lots of bugs!” and close the window.

Once you’ve completed all the steps above, Subnatica: Below Zero will download all over again and once the download and installation is complete, the Experimental mode will be activated for you to play. After getting to it, you can click F8 to open up the feedback menu and share any bugs that you’ve encountered in the Experimental mode.

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