Subnautica console commands are a life savior when you are done with the game and want to experiment with the game. Console commands could be helpful for many reasons like this but we highly recommend you to save your game before using the commands because doing so will help you prevent losing your achievements. Once you use any console commands, your achievements will be disabled for that game session.

To use Subnautica Console, you have to activate it by pressing F3 and you will see a ticked checkbox on the left saying “Disable Console”, press F8 get your mouse cursor and uncheck the box to activate the console. Once you’ve successfully activated the console press Enter to type commands or cheats, whichever you prefer to call it. Keep in mind that whenever you restart the game, you have to activate the console commands in order to use cheats/commands.

As we mentioned above, it is highly recommended to use console commands after saving your game as it will disable all of the achievements for that game session. Saving your progress beforehand and making another copy of the game for the one where you use console commands work better. You can click the link below to get the console commands list.

Subnautica Console Commands – Full List

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