Subnautica is a survival game where you need to spend a lot of time gathering resources, building bases, and overall progressing by exploring the alien planet 4546B you’re stranded on. Even if you have already beat the game or not, Console Commands can come in handy to help you progress fast but this only applies if you don’t want to unlock achievements.

For those of you who want to also progress in the achievements but still like to use Console Commands, we recommend saving the game before using any of the commands. To learn how to activate Console Commands click the link down below. All you need to do after activating is typing in ”item” or ”spawn” depending on what you want to get and following it up with the item name. For example, item aerogel will place an Aerogel in your inventory while spawn aeırogel will drop an Aerogel in front of you.

Here is the full list of Spawnable Items in Subnautica that be done by using the Console Commands from Subnautica Wiki. If you’re having troubles seeing the images, just right click on them and open in new tab.

How to Activate Subnautica Console Command

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