As you know, in the original game, players explore above and underwater areas to gather collectibles and use them to survive and craft.

The original Subnautica map consists of habitat places called biomes where every one of them has a specific name. Similarly, Subnautica Below Zero Map has almost the same style of mapping.

Each of these biomes has unique flora and fauna features. Resources variate as the depth of the water and characteristics of biomes change. There are hidden collectibles all around the map to be revealed.

Subnautica gets updates too often, because of this, those collectibles and the coordinates to them can be changed sometimes. Since the game has four different difficulty modes, this also affects the gameplay in terms of resource usage and loot.

Map showing the biomes in Subnautica: Below Zero environment

There are lots of platforms telling the collectibles’ whereabouts as coordinates. Since we’re not sharing cheats in this post, as lovely readers of our site, you have to settle for the outward information we’re giving you.

Subnautica: Below Zero tells us what happens after the accident on the alien planet. The story takes place in an alien research facility on Planet 4546B. We’re going to try to give some information about the game’s map status according to the info we’ve gathered.

But you have to remember that Subnautica: Below Zero has not been fully released. It had early access in early 2019 and was for Windows only. After the full release, the game will have also been available to all the other platforms except for mobiles.

After that, the map, the collectibles, shortly, the overall gameplay will get its final shape. Please stay connected to this site to get further information about Subnautica: Below Zero

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