Set inside water, Subnautica has become a new aspect of the survival horror game genre. With its collectible style of gaming and survival elements, it hit the charts after the initial release and got the highest positive reviews from critics.

The game has so many objectives in which players collect different kinds of stuff and make progress. While walking through, Robin Goodall tries to access Alien Research Site Zero. Her attempts are denied by an Alien-like voice of Al-An. This is Robin’s first encounter with the cybernetic organism, Al-An.

Who is Al-An?

Al-An was a member of a group that called themselves “The Architects “. They arrived at the Planet 4546B about a thousand years ago to search for a cure for Kharaa Bacterium. There is limited information about their background, but their survivor Al-An has such a past.

After his body was destroyed by Kharaa Bacterium, Al-An’s mind was stored and his unique mind managed to keep his consciousness. While Robin proceeds through the game, Al-An broadcasts from Sanctuary Zero.

He tries to slow Robin down with his clearance over the whole complex. He locks down doors, troubles Robin by trying to trap her in the facility. But later he makes a deal with Robin and expects her to collect organ parts for his new replacement body.

Al-An Body Objective

After the agreement between Al-An and Robin, Al-An transfers his mind from the data storage to Robin’s mind. Now the duo has to find the body part inside Sector Zero. Those parts are located in some Architect Caches as a head, arms, legs, and a power source.

Upon collecting all of the body parts, Robin simply fabricates them in Fabricator Base. After the fabrication job’s done, Al-An gets his replacement body and never interacts with Robin as a quest-giver again.

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